Casio G-Shock Street Utility Military Models

Casio has rolled out a new G-Shock Street Utility Military Series featuring two-toned, military-inspired colorways and updated layered bezel structure. The latter is developed through a two-part molding process, creating a separate top and base that will enhanced the strength of the bezel.

Altogether, there are two DW5610 models in this series: The DW5610SU-3 with military green band paired to black watch face, and DW5610SU-8 with gray band and black watch face.

Casio G-Shock Street Utility Military Models

Also joining the Street Utility Military Series are two updated GA2000 timepieces, namely, GA2000SU-1A and GA2000SU-2A. The former is black in color with green camo face while the latter is a blue GA2000 with blue camo face.

The square DW5600 series gets EL backlight along with flash alert. The circular GA2000 series, on the other hand, features large side buttons, a Carbon Core Guard Case, Super LED Light, plus detachable band structures.

The new Casio G-Shock Street Utility Military models will be hitting the shelves this month (March) at G-Shock retailers, G-Shock Soho Store, and The DW5610SU-3 and DW5610SU-8 will sell for $110 each and the GA2000SU-1A and GA2000SU-2A will retail for $130 each.

Images: Casio America, Inc..