Life-size LEGO Iron Man for SDCC 2019

It looks like the LEGO Sith Trooper won’t be the only life-size brick-built character to grace San Diego Comic-Con. A life-size LEGO Marvel’s Iron Man, straight out of Avengers: Endgame, will be joining the party too. So yeah, it is indeed the Iron Man with the Nano Gauntlet – complete with lighting to boot. Lighting element can also be found on the arc reactor (like, obviously), as well as on the helmet’s eyes.

The impressive built packs 35,119 LEGO elements, stands six foot and a half (or 1.89 meters) tall and tips the scales at 188 lbs (about 85 kilograms). LEGO said that it took its a team of two Master Builders 225 hours to conceive and build this remarkable work of art.

Have a look at the images posted here, or if you are desire, you may want to hit up The Hollywood Reporter for the speed build video. But be warned, the site kind of autoplays the embedded video and so, you may want to check your volume. The speed build video has no audio, but the video that autoplays after has and so, you definitely want to make sure you keep the volume down to prevent getting any nasty shock.

Images: LEGO.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter/Twitter(@LEGO_Group).