Designer Danielle Baskin’s Face ID Compatible Respirator Mask is yet to be a reality. I doubt it will be anytime soon. But the good news is, face mask with an image of a lower face is not exclusive to India.

Maskalike Washable Cotton Face Mask

Baskin has introduced a new washable cotton face mask which folks in stateside can order. Customers can order the machine-washable protective face mask with image of their choice and that includes, of course, their very own’s face.

But why do that when you can have a ‘second face’, so to speak? Or have “Hide the Pain Harold” meme on your face? I mean, if you are gonna to wear a face mask from here on and out, why not make it fun?

Maskalike Washable Cotton Face Mask

Better yet, if you are afraid of people from reusing your photo, how about donning a mask gettyimages® watermark splashed across the mask? Novel.

Last checked, pre-printed “Hide the Pain Harold” mask, which sells for 28 bucks a pop, was sold out. As for the custom print version, it is apparently in demand and if you want one, make sure to get yourself on the waitlist.

Images: Maskalike/Twitter (@djbaskin).

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Source: Laughing Squid.

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