Face ID Compatible Respirator Mask

The threat of COVID-19 is very real. This flu-like disease is unlike anything modern history have seen. It is super contagious and the fact that it could be transmitted during incubation period is a cause for alarm. Having said that, we can minimize the risk by donning a mask. But herein lies a modern person’s woe.

Face ID Compatible Respirator Mask

With mask of any kind on, facial recognition on your smartphone will not work. To get around this, designer Danielle Baskin imagined a N95 respiratory mask with your face custom-printed on it which she call Face ID Compatible Respirator Mask.

So, yeah, the image there isn’t a transparent mask, that would be impossible, material-speaking. The above render is actually a N95 mask with a custom-printed image of the face of the wearer.

How it works is, you upload a photo of your face via a web app and review a digital proof. Using “computational mapping,” your face will be printed onto a regular N95 mask without distortion.

Face ID Compatible Respirator Mask

Face ID Compatible Respirator Mask would be printed with inks made of natural dyes. The dyes are non-toxic so it is perfectly safe and the print should not affect the performance of the respirator mask.

Interesting concept no doubt, but here’s the thing, we have not seen Face ID Compatible Respirator Mask in action and so, we can’t say that our clever face recognition on our devices will work with it.

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In any case that you are interested, yes, Face ID Compatible Respirator Mask will be for sale, but not at this moment as there’s still a global mask shortage, stated on Face ID Masks’ website. And when it does become available in future, each mask will sell for a 40 bucks. If you are super keen on this quirky creation, you may want to get yourself signed up to be notified when it is launched.

Images: Danielle Baskin.

Source: Luxury Launches.