Chromebook Vs. MacBook Vs. Windows. Which Is Better?

Choosing a portable computer, aka laptop or notebook, used to be an easy choice. If you are a windows fan, you’d buy a windows laptop. If you are a fan of Apple products and you could spend the money on one of the MacBook’s, then that is what you did. Simple and straightforward.

With the development of Chromebooks, you know have a new consideration that comes into the mix. Chromebooks come in a range of designs and price ranges that make them a solid choice. Therefore, the clear water is suddenly cloudy. Therefore, how do you choose?

As you attempt to determine the differences between the types of portable computers available, you should probably start with the Chromebooks as they are the very computer that has made a choice more difficult for you.

Let’s dive in and see the differences between each system type.

• Chromebooks are light when it comes to the specifications, but that helps make them seem faster than Windows systems that are comparable. In simpler terms, if you buy a windows system for $300, a Chromebook for the same price will seem faster to you. You can find some great Chromebooks that will suit your needs. 
• When it comes to simplicity, Chromebooks are easy to hold onto. There are not apps that are needed to run on a Chromebook. It is a simple web browser application to run this type of laptop. The Chromebook is one of the easiest computers to get up and running. The simplicity makes the Chromebook a great choice for those who have little to no tech knowledge.
• Chromebooks are an excellent student or traveling worker computers because they are designed to be thin and light. Another reason they are great for those who want portability is that the battery life is incredible.
• When you are seeking simplicity, you get what you pay for. A Chromebook won’t run any fancy applications or allow you to do anything, particularly intricate work. A Chromebook is only good enough for straight forward web browsing and document writing, nothing more.
• Using a Chromebook requires that you have a Google account and that you have access to the internet. Chromebooks are designed for Google Chrome and require the use of various Google applications.
• Due to the price tag of these Chromebooks, you sacrifice quality to some degree. Don’t expect an excellent display quality or speakers. You get what you pay for, and functionality is the name of the game when it comes to Chromebooks.

• Windows is very flexible compared to other computers. You can download Microsoft products with ease, including word and excel. Additionally, you don’t need to be largely technologically inclined to use these or you can be very tech-savvy. Regardless of your skill level, you can use a Windows system.
• No matter what you need a Windows system to do, you can do it. With a wide range of price, options comes a wide range of features that you can use. A Windows system can either be used for school or it can be used for highly technical work. You can get a large amount of ram and various hard drives. Whatever you need, the Windows system can do it.
• Windows systems are upgradeable. Want more RAM? No problem. Need a faster Drive? Easy enough, just switch your HDD for an SSD. If you want your windows system to do more and have more, you can make that happen.
• Windows systems are notoriously known for being the target of various malware, trojan, or virus attacks. Though the security of the latest Windows 10 systems is really good, it isn’t everything you need to protect you against attacks.
• The large variety of updates you are subjected too if you use a Windows system. Some of these updates can put you back hours. These updates are a continuous issue with the use of Window systems versus any other type of laptop. With these updates comes numerous reports of issues.
• Even though there are many options when it comes to Windows systems, those choices can be a hassle as well. With many great options on the market, there are just as many that aren’t that great to use. Weaving through the large range of Windows systems can be a real pain.

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• The Apple OS is widely known for being fast, easy, and impressive to use. The primary reason that the macOS runs so well is that there are only a relatively small number of different models that make it easy to come up with an operating system that is consistently good. There is a bit of a learning curve at first, but once you are up and running, these systems are incredible.
• When it comes to computers, Apple has put a lot of time and money into the development of theirs. What this means is that the design is premium and their MacBook’s are designed to last. It isn’t uncommon for you to hear of a MacBook lasting many years.
• MacBooks come with may pre-loaded software that is strong in video and photography editing. As well as software for making music. Additionally, there is a large range of available premium apps, which makes Macs the best choice for those in the creative industry.
• The price. MacBooks do not come at a low price. You want premium options; you get them with the Macs. However, you also pay for them. MacBooks are among the most expensive when it comes to choosing a portable computer.
• If you are accustomed to Microsoft applications, then you should know that Macs don’t work with these applications. Macs do have their own versions of these applications, but they aren’t the same as the Windows systems.
• Everyday functionality isn’t what Macs are known for. You aren’t going to find things like a DVD drive or traditional USB ports. You may find that the lack of functional options is hindering too much of what you are trying to accomplish.

MacBooks vs Windows vs Chromebooks Summarized
The bottom line is this; if you have a preference for Windows applications, the use of Microsoft products and the ability to upgrade your system in the future, then Windows is the way to go. There are many Windows systems you can choose from and NetBookNews can help. However, if you are a diehard Apple fan, then you want to get a MacBook.

If simple functionality is what you seek, then the Chromebook is your device of choice. You can find some of the best Chromebooks on the market that are going to be very beneficial to you.

Whatever you choose, the final choice is yours. Always pick which device works best for you so that you don’t end up with a device you don’t want or can’t use because you succumb to peer pressure. Your comfort level with the device is yours to decide and you can check out some great options at NetBookNews.

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