without dash cams, we wouldn’t have witnessed the meteorite splattering over the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia last year. i mean who would have a camcorder always on standby to capture such an incident? probably no one. anyway, the moral of the story is this: have a dash cam mounted in your auto is definitely not a bad idea and the Garmin Dash Cam is one such purpose-designed video camera that will get the job done. with ability to record up to 1080p, your footage of rocks from the sky is definitely going to be way clearer then those you saw on FOX. for times when there isn’t any falling rocks from up above, it could be a handy device to document your once-in-a-long-while road trip, or to (touch wood), capture any unfortunate accident while on the road (and who knows? you might be able to get some insurance rebate too).

when installed, the dash cam will start and stop recording when the engine is turned on (not how it is going work out for start-stop eco engines, though), while an integrated G-sensor aid in automatically detects incidents and saves the relevant video files. recorded videos are time stamped and for the GPS model, it will have location, speed, as well as direction of travel. other features include 4GB onboard storage, micro SD card slot for storage expansion, integrated microphone, and a 2.3-inch display for composing the view and also for reviewing footages. two models will be offered come this February: the Dash Cam 10 does without GPS, which goes for $219.99 and the GPS-equipped Dash Cam 20 retails for $249.99.

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