Sharp was the first to reveal the first 8K TV in 2017 and it was not until 2018 we saw a couple, this time it was from one of the world’s largest display panel makers, LG Electronics and Samsung. Fast forward to January this year, Japanese electronics giant, Sony, also jumped into the probably-too-high-tech-for-our-eyes-to-discern bandwagon by revealing the company’s first 8K LCD TV which it dubbed Sony BRAVIA Master Series Z9G.

Sony BRAVIA Master Series 85-inch Z9G 8K TV

But do we really need 8K TV? I am not sure. But judging from how retailers are still peddling 1080p varieties, we can only say that 4K is just only catching up and so, we are really not sure if consumers’ eyes are ready to be assaulted by 8K resolution images. Anyways, here’s what the Sony BRAVIA Master Series Z9G 8K TV is about:

“The BRAVIA MASTER Series Z9G (98″/85″), Sony’s first 8K LCD TVs, feature the next-generation image processor X1™ Ultimate equipped with 8K ultra-resolution algorithm custom database, enabling the 8K X-Reality™ PRO to up-convert any content to 8K resolution. Additionally, Sony’s unique and evolved Backlight Master Drive technology features a newly developed LED module and control algorithm optimized for 8K. The combination of these technologies brings high resolution and high contrast picture quality images to life in stunning fashion. Additionally, Acoustic Multi-Audio™ featuring four speakers located above and below the screen will make you believe the audio is coming right from the screen, achieving a high level of audio quality befitting the immersiveness of large-screen 8K images.”

Sony BRAVIA Master Series 85-inch Z9G 8K TV

In addition, the Z9G boasts picture processor X1 Ultimate, supports Dolby Vision and Atmos, has Google Assistant baked into it, and carefully thought out cable management that integrates into the TV stand. And oh, the Z9G is an IMAX Enhanced product too. We are not sure when Sony’s 8K TV will be formally hit the market, but it is coming alright.

Sony BRAVIA Master Series 98-inch Z9G 8K TV
Sony BRAVIA Master Series 98-inch Z9G 8K TV

On a related news, there are more Netflix calibrated TVs coming your way. During the January reveal, Sony also announced the new flagship 4K OLED BRAVIA MASTER Series A9G will join the AF9 OLED and ZF9 LCD TVs with Netflix Calibrated Mode.

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The A9G, which comes in 77-, 65- and 55-inch models, are around half the thickness of previous models when wall mounted and boasts a slew of features, including Pixel Contrast Booster panel control technology, Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, Center Speaker Mode, and Dolby Atmos support. Moreover, these Netflix calibrated TVs are also part of the IMAX Enhanced certification program. In case you are wondering, yes, we are still talking about TVs here.

Like the Z9G, the A9G is listed as “available soon” on Sony websites with prices to be advised.

All images courtesy of Sony.

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