If you desire smartwatch functionality without sacrificing the allure of a traditional wrist watch, well then, the Sony wena Smart Watch Straps may just tickle your fancy. Incorporating the latest in smart technology, wena offers you speed contactless payment, advanced fitness tracking and direct link-ups for phone notifications into a seemingly regular timepiece. The new wena allows for interchangeability as with most standard timepieces while offering two straps and five different face styles to choose from to different taste and lifestyle.

Sony wena Smart Watch Straps

wena is the brainchild of one Sony employee nurtured through Sony’s Seed Acceleration Program (SAP) which is a program that encourages employees to pitch and create new ideas Sony has not made. Through to its what wena stands for, which is Wear Electronics Naturally, the watch allows smart technology that we rely on to be isolated to the clasp of the watch strap and not the dial face as with smartwatches. This allows users to swap the entire watch face, as opposed to dial face design in a smartwatch, to suit the occasion and mood.

Sony wena Smart Watch Straps

Interestingly, wena does have a display, but it is discreetly located on the clasp. The narrow display is where your phone notifications like calls, mail and app notifications are displayed in a one or two-line display. The display might small, but it is customizable with 7-colored LED lighting and vibration. Other highlights include fitness tracking with GPS functionality, heart-rate sensors, two strap styles (metal and silicone), and a choose of watch faces.

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The new wena watch range is available to pre-order now in the UK from Amazon, TH Baker, Sony Centres and The Jewel Hut. Prices are £349 and £399 (about US$456-520) for the active strap (silicone) and pro strap (metal), respectively. The watch faces appeared to be sold separately with prices ranging from £100-400 (or around US$130-522).

All images courtesy of Sony UK.

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