Mobile World Congress 2019 will throw its doors open in a few hours, but already we have heard about Huawei’s surprise product, a foldable smartphone called Mated X, and even before that, there was this: Oppo Phone with 10x “lossless” zoom which will debut on a soon-to-be-available-but-yet-to-be-named-phone. Yes, you heard that right. A freaking mobile phone camera with 10x “lossless” zoom! Imagine that. Seriously, is it even a phone anymore?

Oppo Phone 10X Lossless Zoom

Folks, whenever this type of breakthrough development breaks cover, I can’t help but to wonder where the hell is Apple’s innovations that had makes many users (and former users) fell in love with the brand. I guess Apple, with Cook at the helm, rather goes with the image of being the Louis Vuitton of the phone world then being the Nike of the phone world. Just saying… Anyways, back to Oppo’s crazy 10x optical zoom camera…

Oppo Phone 10X Lossless Zoom

The 10x zoom camera is part of a triple-lens camera setup consisting of a 48 MP “ultra-clear” main camera, a 120-degree ultra-wide camera and a telephoto camera that employs a periscope design for the magic to happen – doing so while keeping the triple-camera module to just 6.76 mm thin. Both the “ultra-clear” main camera and the optical prism telephoto lens are blessed with optical image stabilizing (OIS) technology to counter those unavoidable shaking common with hand-held photography.

Oppo Phone 10X Lossless Zoom

According to our source, Oppo is expected to launch the 10x zoom camera phone sometime in Q2 this year. And what’s a keynote in 2019 without the mention of 5G right? That was what Oppo did exactly. In the same event, Oppo also touched on its upcoming 5G handset, albeit briefly. As expected from a 5G device, other than Huawei’s, Oppo 5G device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, but really that was all we heard.

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However, Oppo did assure consumers that 5G will not be a showpiece with no technology to leverage its speeds. Oppo’ said that it will be working with several telcos around the world, including Swisscom, Telstra, Optus and Singtel to push out 5G services. Though it did not give a date on when its first 5G device(s) will be arriving. All we know is, it is “just around the corner.”

Images: Oppo.

Source: Oppo via Engadget.

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