backup batteries have become an indispensable part of our smartphone usage life, but they are only as useful if you do actually remember to keep it topped off. for those who don’t utilize the battery on regular basis, chances are, you will find yourself caught with a flat backup battery on days when you need that extra bit of juice. this is a problem which the JUMP by Native Union aims to solve and it happens to be one of those idea that would make you go “why i didn’t think of that?” the JUMP is essentially a charging cable, but with an inline battery packing 800 mAh of electrons.

a clever circuitry lets you use the cable to juice your device as per normal, but when the device detects that the phone is fully charged, it redirects the charging to top up the 800 mAh battery. in this way, you will not only have a charging cable handy, but also be sure that your backup battery is always topped for those emergency times. though 800 mAh might not last you the day, but it can still offer up 3 hours and 50 minutes of additional talk time, or 87 hours of standby time. the device measures a coin pocket-friendly 1.9 by 1.9 inches, and tips the scale at a mere 40 grams.

another noteworthy feature is the tangle-free, nylon cable that is designed to wrap around the portable battery’s precision engineered channels securely and neatly when not in use. you can get the JUMP by Native Union from Kickstarter for just $40. available in both micro USB and Lightning versions.

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