Maison Kitsuné Injects A Little Fun Into Native Union Gadget Accessories

Fashion-forward, gadget enthusiasts may want to check out the Native Union x Maison Kitsuné Collection. Native Union has teamed up with Paris-meets-Tokyo multifaceted brand Maison Kitsuné to release an exclusive capsule collection of accessories that covers both your tech and fashion needs.

Native Union Drop XL Wireless Charger Watch Edition: A De-cluttering Solution For Apple Users

If you are a staunch Apple supporter, chances are, you will have the latest iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. And if so, you will love this the Native Union Drop XL Wireless Charger (Watch Edition).

Native Union Flat Wall Charger Because, Hard-To-Reach Sockets Exist

Gadget makers have tried their best to keep charging adapters size down, but however they tried, it seems like they can’t get away with having a voluminous accessory. Just look at iPad adapter. Heck. That thing is huge! While we learn to live with it, won’t it be nice if we could have something really, …

Native Union DOCK Works With Smartphone And Tablet, Is As Minimalist As A Dock Can Gets

If you are all up for uber stylish accessories for your gadgets, such as a charging dock for smartphone or tablet, then Native Union is the go-to brand. If anything, its designs in recent times are on par, if not better than what the Cupertino tech giant could dish out. No. We are serious. Apple’s …

Your Apple Watch Could Use a Little Elegance With This Marble Edition of DOCK for Apple Watch

Since the launch of Apple Watch, we have seen our fair share of stylish Apple Watch docks, but this one from Native Union really blew our mind. As far as luxury goes, Native Union DOCK for Apple Watch Marble Edition ranks high up on our must-have style chart. It needs no gold or precious stones …

Night Cable Replaces Your Stock Smartphone Charging Cable, Promise to Never Slip Away

Unless you charge your smartphone via a desktop or laptop, chances are, you have experienced the frustration of slipping cables. There are quite a few solutions out there to counter this irksome problem, but those often involves sticking a cable holder of sort to your desk, or bedside table when you have the habit of …

JUMP by Native Union

backup batteries have become an indispensable part of our smartphone usage life, but they are only as useful if you do actually remember to keep it topped off. for those who don’t utilize the battery on regular basis, chances are, you will find yourself caught with a flat backup battery on days when

Native Union MONOCLE Wearable Speaker

in a world now overtaken by portable Bluetooth speakers, Native Union chose to take the lesser path with the introduction of the Native Union MONOCLE Wearable Speaker. actually, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as this trendy fashion gadget company has been doing so like, forever.