Native Union POP Phone received a shiny gold treatment

Native Union Gold POP 544x338px
(credit: Native Union) Native Union Limited Edition Gold POP | US$59.99 |

previously, there was the colorful (Moshi Moshi) POP phone that bless your smartphone with a handset. designed by French designer David Turpin, the latest POP has been given a luxurious shiny gold plating. sporting the same features as the original POP, it is happy to connect to your iPhone via its 3.5 mm jack or to any mobile phones if fitted with the correct adaptor (sold separately). it can also be fitted with a USB adaptor (you guess it, also sold separately) for use with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony calls.
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the Native Union Gold POP commands a slight premium price over its regular sibling at $59.99. which i thought is still not overly priced, especially for someone who constantly felt the need to have a traditional Bakelite-style handset on their ears instead of a flat piece of brick. want one? then you’d be hurry cos’ it has a limited run. that’s why it is called ‘limited edition’.

Native Union Gold POP 544x311px

Native Union via Ubergizmo

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