Knyphe Is A Unique Phone Case That Is Also A Stealth For A Pocket Knife

You need a case to protect your phone. You also need to protect yourself with a pocket knife. OK, maybe not to protect yourself but for cutting needs. OK. Maybe you don’t need to carry a knife with you all the time but if you do, there is an upcoming phone case that will satisfy …

Razer Is Now Selling Cooling Fan For Smartphones – With RGB Lights, Of Course

We heard the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC gets heated up pretty quickly too. Heat is always going to be a problem with smartphones as engineers push the limit of CPU. Having said that, if the heat on your phone is getting on your nerves when you are gaming, Razer has the formal solution …

SmallRig Fold P10 Phone Cage For Videography: For Serious iPhonegraphers

It is no secret that the iPhone, such as the 12 Pro and 13 Pro, from recent years excels in imaging. But iPhone alone won’t cut it unless you have android arms. This is where video rigs such as the SmallRig Fold P10 Phone Cage for Videography comes in.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Power Compact Camera With This Clever Camera Controls

The imaging prowess of iPhone 12 is without question. The only thing that stands in its way of becoming a powerful compact camera are physical controls and perhaps, some kind of grip. The Fjorden is one such accessory that will do just that.

Otto MagPowerX Wireless Charger Power Bank Costs 40% Less Than MagSafe Battery Pack And It Looks Prettier Too

While sleek, Apple MagSafe Battery Pack’s price is not for everyone. Besides, “sleek” is subjective. It is pretty on its own, but if you were to think “matching”, the rounded design of the official power bank for iPhone 12 is not quite “matching.” But the Otto MagPowerX Wireless Charger Power Bank, on the other hand, …

ESR HaloLock System MagSafe-compatible Accessories For Home, Office And Car

iPhone 12 users who haven’t already gotten enough of MagSafe and/or MagSafe-compatible accessories, here are more coming of ’em from long-time gadget accessories maker, ESR.

Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount With Face Tracking Is Designed For iPhone 12, Requires An App To Work

Content creators, influencers and basically anyone who does live streaming of themselves doing just about anything may want to check out Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking.

Elago Charging Stands For MagSafe: Turn MagSafe Into Convenient Stands

Apple’s introduction of the new MagSafe found on the iPhone 12 felt like a déjà vu. How so? Well, just look at the new Charging Stands for MagSafe from Elago. These stands share the same concept as the many Apple Watch stands in the market – particularly, those from Elago.

SANDMARC Motion Variable ND Filter Is A Must-Have For Serious iPhonegraphers

Never mind which phone tops the DxOMark Mobile chart because, there’s no denying that iPhone 11 is among the best in imaging. Having said that, if you are a photographer or filmmaker that uses an iPhone to shoot, then SANDMARC Motion Variable ND Filter for iPhone is here to up your game.

SANDMARC Updated Its Lenses And Filters For iPhone 11 Smartphones

Optics maker SANDMARC has updates its lenses and filters for the latest iPhones, i.e. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The new SANDMARC lenses for iPhone 11 include an anamorphic lens, a telephoto lens, a macro lens and a fisheye lens. Plus a few filters to go with the optics too.