6 Crowd Pleasing Christmas Presents

There are times in life when, for one reason or another, you might need to buy a Christmas present for somebody that you do not know that well. It could be an in-law, a new work colleague or even a brand-new love interest. On these occasions, it may be necessary to pick a gift option […]

High Five: The One USB Cable That Rules Them All, Doing So In A Sleek Way

If you own several mobile devices, you will understand the struggle of dealing with multiple cables. One German startup called Vonmählen understands this too and has developed what it described as “world’s most compact 5-in-1 charging cable” aimed at address the too-many-cables syndrome. I know. It is just another cable, but man, when it has […]

Double Mag 2-Way Magnetic Charging Cable: One Cable To Rule Them All

There are too many devices that need to be charged. Funnily thought, while most of these devices may have different types of connector, they essentially uses chargers of the same rating. With this in mind, Xpower came up with Double Mag 2-way Magnetic Charging Cable that solves major two inconveniences: reduce clutter of too many […]

Wrist-worn Bluetooth Speakers, Splicing USB Cable + Random Gift Ideas

Writers have writer’s block. A gifting person can sometimes have gifting block too. Sometimes, you really have no idea what to get for someone for whatever occasions. It is a dreadful thing, but not if we can help it. That said, here are a few cool gift ideas which you can use to defuse the […]

This Nifty USB Power Cable Will Let You Ditch Your Fire TV’s AC Adapter

You know TV boxes? And I am sure you are familiar with Fire TV too. There’s really nothing flawed about the Amazon 4K Fire TV. I mean, it has voice control and supports 4K contents, there’s really nothing more to ask from it. However, those who obsessed with decluttering will not be too please because, […]

This Smart Auto Cutoff Cable Wants To Safeguard Your Smartphone’s Battery

You know how is it. You have activities, early start of the next day and you would do what every sane person would do: hit the sack early and leave your smartphone charging overnight, so you’d get a fully charged device first thing in the morning. It is a norm and I am personally guilty […]

Millennium Falcon Micro USB Charging Cable: Charging Turns Cool

Any Star Wars geek will be shouting out “shut up and take my Galaxy credits” and it did be the only rational thing to say. Unfortunately, however you scream, you will not be able to own it, at least for now, cos’ the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro USB Charging Cable, as it is called, […]

CONNEX: A “Card-shaped” USB Cable That Stretches And Has No Tangle Mess

Tangle mess is part of our life – thanks in part to the USB cable we need to have it with us for on-the-go charging. There’s really no perfect solutions to this “necessary evil.” To overcome this, you can choose to go with a short cable, or you could wound it up, but what if […]

Scosche Supports National Breast Cancer Foundation with Hot goPINK for Hope Collection

Like Apple’s (Product)Red, consumer electronics and accessories maker Scosche’s goPINK for Hope collection brings together the company’s best-selling audio products and accessories, splashed them in bright and vibrant shade of pink to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. Pink, if you don’t already know, is the internationally recognized color for breast cancer awareness. From […]

MicFlip is the World’s First Truly Reversible USB, Has Reversible micro USB Connector Too

With the adoption of USB Type-C, it still does not solve the “which side to plug in?” issue entirely. It only addressed one end of the problem, which means one of the world’s most used cable, the micro USB, still has the problem even if USB Type-C were to be implemented. Until the other end’s […]