Until the day morphing length cable is a reality, owning multiple USB cables of different lengths is somewhat of a necessary evil. The AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set is exactly the latter but with a modular twist. It is a mix-and-match cable set that lets you form the length that you need.

AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set

Each of the AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set contains a USB-C to Lightning Short cable 0.1 m (0.33 ft), a USB-C to USB-C Short cable 0.1 m (0.33 ft), a USB-C Male-to-Female Coiled cable 1.7 m (5.58 ft, a USB-C Male-to-Female Long cable 0.8 m (2.6 ft), and a connecting nut – all pack in a sleek portable storage box.

With the included cables you’d have the flexibility of a cable length from as short as 0.1 m (0.33 ft) to as long as a whopping 2.6 m 8.53 ft). Moreover, the cables are MFi Certified, support up to 240W charging, and boast extreme durability, capable of sustaining up to 30,000 bends. The cables are E-mark certified too, ensuring stable and efficient charging.

AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set

And did we say that they look beautiful too in yellow anti-winding nylon braided sleeves?

That is for the basic set which sells for as low as US$89 during its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. If you shell out US$179, you’d be able to secure the set with the aforementioned cables plus an AOHi 140W GaN Fast Charger, presented in a matching yellow colorway.

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If you are down, you can pre-order the AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set by pledging for a product on Kickstarter. The campaign has met its funding goal and so, yes, a pledge for a product is a pre-order.

AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set

If goes as planned, you see delivery sometime starting February 2023. But a word of warning. This being a crowdfunded campaign, it does have risks.

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