If you own several mobile devices, you will understand the struggle of dealing with multiple cables. One German startup called Vonmählen understands this too and has developed what it described as “world’s most compact 5-in-1 charging cable” aimed at address the too-many-cables syndrome. I know. It is just another cable, but man, when it has so many devices covered and look this sleek, it is hard not to give High Five Compact 5-in-1 Charging Cable a mention.

High Five Compact 5-in-1 Charging Cable

Here’s what this little guy packs:

“Vonmählen’s product consists of a USB-A connector and a cable with the connections for USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning. When both ends of the cable are plugged into the USB-A connector, a loop is formed that allows the tech accessory to be attached quickly and easily to any key ring. A strong N-Class magnet securely holds all components together at all times.”

High Five Compact 5-in-1 Charging Cable

And here’s a break down of the 5 cables:

  • USB-A power source to USB-C end device
  • USB-A power source to iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  • USB-A power source to micro USB end device
  • USB-C power source to iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  • USB-C power source to micro USB end device
High Five Compact 5-in-1 Charging Cable

Well, what can I say? From the looks of it, the High Five Compact 5-in-1 Charging Cable does indeed has most of today’s mobile gadgets covered. What’s more? All these functionalities are packed inside an accessory that weighs only 15g (0.529 ounce!) and measures a compact 70 mm long (or short, really), 12 mm wide and just 10 mm deep (2.76 x 0.472 x 0.393 inches), and goes onto your keychain in a snap. And oh, the brushed body is made from multiple metal that promised to be durable and robust, and finally, rounding up the package is up to 2.4A fast charging performance.

Vonmählen is ambitious; the startup is running two crowdfunding campaigns simultaneously; one on Kickstarter and one over at Indiegogo. That being said, if you so desire, you can pre-order from either platform for as low as €14 (or about 16 bucks, according to Kickstarter). The campaign on Indiegogo is flexible goal and so, your pledge is a pre-order. As for Kickstarter, Vonmählen is already well surpassed its €15K goal, pulling in over 2,000 backers who have contributed more than $50K. So either way, it is a go. Delivery is promised to happen sometime in May 2019.

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All images courtesy of Vonmählen.

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