There are too many devices that need to be charged. Funnily thought, while most of these devices may have different types of connector, they essentially uses chargers of the same rating. With this in mind, Xpower came up with Double Mag 2-way Magnetic Charging Cable that solves major two inconveniences: reduce clutter of too many cables and negating the need to ’aim’ to get the connector to fit the device. The magic behind this outstanding product is the separate magnetic connectors which you plugged into the respective devices.

Double Mag 2-way Magnetic Charging Cable

Once the devices are equipped with the appropriate connector, all you need is to tuck the cable to transfer it from one device to another. Magnetic-style connector is no stranger in the tech world, though. It was popularized by Apple, but subsequently ditched in favor of Thunderbolt connector and later on, USB-C connector. Speaking of which, I never understand why on Earth Apple would chose to do ditch this wonderful invention. If anything, magnetic connector has a major benefit that could save your gadget from premature destruction and that’s to prevent the device connected with a cable from flying off in the event the cable is accidentally pulled.

Double Mag 2-way Magnetic Charging Cable

Double Mag 2-way Magnetic Charging Cable uses strong N38-grade neodymium magnets that can easily hold up to 500g (1.1 lbs), while the nylon material is designed to bend over an astonishing 30,000 times. If that’s accurate, then it is safe to say the cable will probably outlast most of your gadgets. Double Mag 2-way Magnetic Charging Cable is available with a wide range of connectors, including Lightning, USB-C and micro USB.

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Double Mag 2-way Magnetic Charging Cable

A few other notables include a 4-core oxygen-free pure copper cable, supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and USB 2.0 data transfer, and 360-degree aluminum alloy connectors.

If you are keen, you may want to consider pre-ordering the cable by backing Xpower’s Kickstarter campaign. Depending on what devices you desired to use the cable on, a pledge of 133-390 Hong Kong dollars (around US$17-50) will secure you a set, destined for February 2019 delivery. The campaign is funded, btw. Seriously, with a product so intuitive, why wouldn’t it be? Have a look at the product pitch video to see the cable in action.

Double Mag 2-way Magnetic Charging Cable

Double Mag 2-way Magnetic Charging Cable

All images courtesy of Xpower.

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