Now that the third Thor standalone movie is in full swing and doing brilliantly in the box office, we thought we’d let you in on this wonderful DIY project from a few months ago I found stashed in my “Watch Later” YouTube list. I am not entirely sure, but I think this might have been the first in the market. Dubbed the Mighty Mjölnir Headphone and USB Dock, which translates to a pretty dang awesome headphone stand and USB hub, this wonderful desktop gadget accessory is created by YouTube Patrick Soriano and it is exactly what it says it is: a headphone stand and a gathering of some USB ports in the likeness of the God of Lightning’s mighty hammer.

DIY Thor Mjölnir Headphone Stand & USB Hub

It is not made of rare metal from the core of a dying star though. I guess Patrick had problem finding that material, instead it is of an Earthly, easier to handle material: wood, or walnut wood to be exact. This DIY Thor Mjölnir Headphone Stand & USB Hub is actually the second version. The first was made few years ago for a Halloween costume party and it was without the USB hub. The original was painted like the movie’s and had a bottle opener stuck on one end for, well, parties.

DIY Thor Mjölnir Headphone Stand & USB Hub

Anyways, after the party, the hammer ended up as a headphone stand which prompted Patrick to think he actually can leverage on the power of the Mjölnir to somewhat declutter his desk and thus, DIY Thor Mjölnir Headphone Stand & USB Hub was born. While the new and improved linseed-treated walnut Mjölnir may not look the part for your Thor’s cosplay getup or costume party, it can sure still fit for a party because, bottle opener. Yep. It still has that, but this time, it is a little more discreet than the first. Totally classy and oh, it has a headphone jack too. Skip ahead for a video walkthrough of how the Mighty Mjölnir Headphone and USB Dock was built.

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DIY Thor Mjölnir Headphone Stand & USB Hub

Images: YouTube.

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