Hot Toys Thor: Love and Thunder Mighty Thor 1/6th Scale Action Figure

If you love Marvel Studios’ rendition of Mighty Thor aka Jane Thor, then you really have to check out this collectible offered by Hot Toys. The Hot Toys Thor: Love and Thunder Mighty Thor 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure is crafted based on Mighty Thor’s appearance in this latest Thor film, played by Natalie Portman.

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor Gets Her Own Movie Poster

In the short but awesome teaser trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder earlier this week, we had a glimpse of Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor summoning the once-shattered Mjolnir, much to God of Thunder’s surprise (possibly by both the existence newly of the Goddess of Thunder and the appearance of the Mjolnir that was …

Thor: Love And Thunder Is A Good Way To Sell You Yet Another Life-size Mjolnir

If you have watched Thor: Love and Thunder’s official trailer, you would have noticed two things: Thor is still using his Stormbreaker ax and Mjolnir has reappeared, now wielded by Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor. But that is not the same Mijonir that Thor summoned when he went back in time in Avengers: Endgame because Captain …

Marvel’s Avengers: Stormbreaker Electronic Axe: The Power Of Thor At A Press Of A Button

The Avengers may have ended, but its legacy lives on as toys and collectibles. And the latest must-have for collectors is this: Marvel’s Avengers: Thor Stormbreaker Electronic Axe. Mind you, though. This isn’t the puny kids’ toy. This is a life-sized replica of Thor’s Mjölnir replacement weapon.

Fat Thor Is The Most Worthy Action Figure To Have Ever Come Out Of Hasbro Marvel Legends Series

When it comes to Hasbro Marvel Legends Series action figures, we hardly considered them collectibles, but here we are referring them to as such. What makes six particular figures from the new wave of Marvel Legends Series stand out is, they are part of Marvel’s Build-A-Figure (BAF) line that lets you build Chris Hemsworth’s Thor …