Life-size Mjolnir Collectible from Thor: Love and Thunder

If you have watched Thor: Love and Thunder’s official trailer, you would have noticed two things: Thor is still using his Stormbreaker ax and Mjolnir has reappeared, now wielded by Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor. But that is not the same Mijonir that Thor summoned when he went back in time in Avengers: Endgame because Captain America returned it when he made the trip back in time to return stuff they have “borrowed”.

Life-size Mjolnir Collectible from Thor: Love and Thunder

If you look closer, Foster’s Mjolnir was the one crushed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, as evident in the crack lines. It looks like it has been pieced together from its broken state. So yes, somehow the Mijonir was fused back, though it is not clear how and by who.

The Dwarves were pretty much decimated and so not sure who else could have the power and skills to piece the Mjolnir together while still retaining its magical power.

Anywho, whatever it is, it has offered a golden opportunity for Hasbro to sell you yet another life-size replica of the Mjolnir. This time, bearing the scars from its shattered history.

Life-size Mjolnir Collectible from Thor: Love and Thunder

Not a lot is known about this upcoming collectible from Hasbro that will join the original Mjolnir, Captain American’s Shield, Stormbreaker, Infinity Gauntlet, Nano Gauntlet, and more.

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The life-size Mjolnir appears to have light and sound effects too, and it is also worthy as a display piece – thanks to the included display stand.

The Life-size Thor Mjolnir Electronic Hammer is not listed on Hasbro Pulse yet but it will be on Tuesday, April 26, for US$131.99.

Images: Hasbro.

via IGN Southeast Asia.