McDonald’s Nederland Smoke Detector Campaign

We have faith in humanity. We believe that if someone does not know how to cook will NOT attempt to do so. But hey, accidents aka burned meals do happen to the best of us. When that happens, it would mean calling for food delivery. For a select few residents in the Netherlands, however, McDonald’s Nederland has their back covered.

McDonald’s Nederland Smoke Detector Campaign

In a clever campaign created by agency TBWA/Neboko, McDonald’s Nederland is offering a select few to install a special smoke detector called McDelivery Detector.

When installed in the kitchen’s ceiling, the Big Mac-style smoke detector will automatically playback the iconic McDonald’s jingle and at the same time, placed an order to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant when it detects a burned dinner.

Obviously, it will ask you, presumably via an app, if you would like to order food instead of cooking. It will not order without your consent. If you confirm you want to execute the order, an order will be created automatically and delivered to you in minutes, said McDonald’s Nederland.

McDonald’s Nederland Smoke Detector Campaign

And no, it is not an April Fool’s Day prank. McDelivery Detector is very real and it is available in limited numbers to residents of the Netherlands. McDonald’s Nederland has invited customers who needed the McDelivery Detector to apply by recounting their worst cooking incident in the McDonald’s app.

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The company will choose a few winners to receive this unique smoke detector along with a regular smoke detector. The campaign, which began on April 13, will end on May 2, 2022.

Images: McDonald’s Nederland [NL]/Instagram (@mcdonaldsnl).