Iceland’s Last McDonald’s Order Bought 10 Years Ago Confirms That McDonald’s Does Not Decay

Do you know that Iceland, the island country on the North Atlantic Ocean alongside Faroe Islands, has no McDonald’s? Well, it used to have until 2009 when the fast food chain decided to pull out of the country.

World’s Smallest McDonald’s Opens For “Business” In Sweden

McDonald’s Sweden is now home to the world’s smallest McDonald’s restaurant and despite its diminutive size, it has room to “serve” thousands of guests. However, the “guests” here aren’t humans; they are honest to god, hardworking honey bees. So, yeah, it is a fully functional beehive designed to look like a McDonald outlet which, not […]

There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Eyes, These McDonald’s Ads Are Intentionally Blurred

Not because of censorship. Apparently, McDonald’s in Puerto Rico wants to prove how recognizable the brand is in the country (or something along that line). With the help of Puerto Rico-based creative agency TBWA\San Juan, McDonald’s rolled out a series of ads that is sure to make you rub your eyes, double take on what […]

Wait. Is McDonald’s Poking Fun At Balenciaga Square-toe Leather Mules?

The age of Internet has progress from information/disinformation to individual trolling individual to this: business trolling another business. Case-in-point: McDonald’s Sweden French Fry Carton Shoes. McDonald’s Sweden has posted on its Instagram page two weeks ago a person wearing a pair of footwear that appears to be made from the familiar red French fry cartons.

McDonald’s Marks 50 Years Of Big Mac With Global Currency, MacCoin

You know cryptocurrency? Well, now meet the food-backed currency from everyone’s favorite fast food chain, McDonald’s. Marking the 50 years of Big Mac, McDonald’s has announced a new global currency called MacCoin in which one MacCoin is equivalent to one Big Mac. Apparently, McDonald’s was inspired by The Economist’s comparison of the global exchange rates […]

Here’s Your Golden Chance To Win Free McDonald’s Meal For Life

Do you love McDonald’s? Of course, you do. And if you don’t, I am sure you won’t say no to free McDonald’s for life, right? Seriously, who will say no to free food? But you know what they say about “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” So, if you want free McDonald’s […]

Here’s How You Can Win This 50 Years Of Big Mac 18K Gold Big Mac Ring

Well, what do you know? The Grand Big Mac is not the only thing McDonald’s is bringing in to celebrate the 50 years of Big Mac. There is also a ring too. You know. A ring as in the jewelry? And it is a ring that takes after the image of, you guessed it, a […]

McDonald’s Brings Back Grand Big Mac To Celebrate 50 Years of Big Mac

This year is the 50 years of Big Mac since it was introduced in 1968 and to mark this golden jubilee, McDonald’s is bringing back the super sized Big Mac called Grand Big Mac, as well as the downsized Big Mac, Mac Jr. This is not the first time the two sizes of Big Mac […]

Meet The Straw, A Straw That Lets You Drink From Two Layers In One Suck

Tech innovation is hardly something you will associate with fast food chain, McDonald’s, but every once in a while, it happens, like for example for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, McDonald’s has came out with a new minty shake called Chocolate Shamrock Shake. Why, of course, it is shamrock! But no, the innovation isn’t in […]