First it was bees and now, McDonald’s in Finland is offering sanctuaries for endangered birds. This time, instead of miniature McDonald’s restaurants, the bird house is shaped like the Happy Meal box.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Bird Houses in Finland

I don’t know man. The idea of a Happy Meal Bird Box sounds fun and all, but doesn’t it make it look like the birds were the meal? Just saying…

According to a report, “every third species of birds in Finland is endangered.” Small forest birds, in particular, are faced with difficulty in locating the perfect spot to nest in the spring without being hunted.

Well, save for the being hunted part, doesn’t it sound like what some human population is facing today?

McDonald’s Happy Meal Bird Houses in Finland

McDonald’s in Finland is installing 1,400 Happy Meal bird houses in the forested areas for birds to call their home. In addition, McDonald’s Finland also donated €10,000 (approximately US$11,835) to protect Finnish birds.

The Happy Meal Bird Box is a DIY kit that comes with Happy Meals set in Finland starting September 26. This will allow residents in Finland to contribute safe havens for birds in their building or backyard, or in the good’ol Finnish traditional, at national park where it is permitted at nearly every recreation area or forest in Finland.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Bird Houses in Finland

Not going to lie, we are loving this tradition. I mean, I prefer birds to stay where they are – in the nature and not with us who have forcefully taken over their natural habitat. That is the least we could do.

In addition to the Happy Meal DIY kit, instructions for the bird houses will be uploaded to McDonald’s Finland website. It will also be placed on the tray liners at McDonald’s Finland restaurants too.

Images: McDonald’s [FI].

Source: ADWEEK.

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