World’s Smallest McDonald’s In Sweden

McDonald’s Sweden is now home to the world’s smallest McDonald’s restaurant and despite its diminutive size, it has room to “serve” thousands of guests. However, the “guests” here aren’t humans; they are honest to god, hardworking honey bees. So, yeah, it is a fully functional beehive designed to look like a McDonald outlet which, not going to lie, looks absolutely cool. There is just something about miniaturization that captivates people, don’t you think?

World’s Smallest McDonald’s In Sweden

The beehive you see here, aptly called McHive, was created as a tribute to restaurants in Sweden that have beehives on their rooftops. The rooftop beehive initiative started locally with just one, but it has since gone national and so far, there have been five beehives on the rooftops of some of McDonald’s in Sweden. The McHive you see here is no different from any other man-made beehives on the inside, featuring individual slots for frames for honey bees to stash their goods.

Though this tribute version is a basic setup without the depth and complexity of actual man-made beehives found on bee farms. Anywho, McHive is modeled after a modern day McDonald’s restaurant, complete with the iconic Golden Arches propped high up on the removable miniature rooftop that also features vents and other details you’d find on the roof of a McDonald’s restaurant.

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The miniature restaurant also features glass doors and full pane windows decorated with current promotional posters, lovely wooden facade, railings, and even a couple of drive-thru kiosks which really should be called fly-by stations. Man, this is so freaking awesome.

Images: YouTube (McDonald’s Sverige).

Source: Taiwan News.