anyone who have handled garden hose will know the frustration involved. however, if you have a bit of cash to put down, these age-old problems might just be a thing of the past. meet the RoboReel Automatic Hose Reel by Great Stuff Inc. a sleek, alien-like gadget that promises to make reeling in and extracting the hose a more pleasant experience. an intelligent built-in motor senses your forward movement and spins up the motor to offer you assistance in the extraction, and when you are done, the hose can be swiftly retracted at touch of a button. sensor is in place to automatically stop the hose from retracting if it detects any snag to prevent any damage to the hose. clever indeed, but that’s only half of the story as far as your $649 is concerned (yes, it cost that much). another star feature is its nozzle which sports a smart nozzle controller that allows you to activate the one-touch retraction, turn on and off the water, or set timer for automatic cutoff in the event that you need to leave RoboReel unattended.

each RoboReel Automatic Hose Reel comes with five different nozzles to suit your watering needs and there is even an optional sprinkler attachment for turning your RoboReel into a makeshift sprinkler. other features include a set of heavy-duty “NeverKink” hose that will never go kink or go flat, 360 degrees of continuous rotation that covers any direction you might be leading the hose to, programmable watering schedule for up to a month with automatic retraction when it is done, a removable 12-volt rechargeable battery good for over 100 full retractions per charge, and four locking wheels for mobility, plus a tow-rope for ease of hauling this beautiful garden gadget around. arriving in store sometime next week. see the RoboReel Automatic Hose Reel in action in the embedded video below.

RoboReel via Gizmodo

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