need a conversational piece on your ceiling? then these Patrick Hartog Ceramic Cable Lights might be worthy of your exploration. inspired by the mooring bollards found at docksides or wharves, designer Patrick created these lights by slip casting and like a boat moored to the real bollards, they have cables would around them replicating the moored-look (and hey, your ceiling is the boat!). a metal ring perched on top of each shade ensures the light is balanced when its up there. as far as customization goes, each lamp can be individualized with different colored or patterned cables and placed at varying height to create a beautiful chandelier-like form. of course, the lamp could be use as individual lighting, or as mentioned, group together for a more pronounced presence. either way, it certainly breaks the monotony of traditional lightings. each lamp measures 15 cm tall and 12 cm across (diameter) or about 5.9 inched tall by 4.72 inches. however, if you think the size is a tad too small for your application, no worries, just hold out a little longer as Patrick is working on a larger version. in the mean time, if you are keen on the Patrick Hartog Ceramic Cable Lights, you can contact Patrick with your request via his official website HERE. hit the jump for a few more look.

Patrick Hartog via Uncrate

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