we didn’t quite touch on the Eddie Bauer Katabatic 2 Solar Tent when we featured the Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern cos’ we didn’t have much info and most importantly, we didn’t have at least a decent image to show. now that we have more info, we thought we should be talking about it, cos’ it is after all, a rather exciting development for nature-loving geeks. as the product name implies, it is based on Eddie Bauer’s award-winning Katabatic expedition tent – a roomy 36 square foot tent for three – with an integrated solar panel on its roof which provides convenient wiring access so that you can power up Goal Zero equipment like the Sherpa 50 or the Yeti Solar Generator, and subsequently use those equipment to recharge your electronics devices. well, that’s basically what it can do. no word on the pricing, but based on what a Katabatic tent cost now, which is around 600 bucks and a $200 Sherpa 50, you are already looking at $800 before including that triangular solar component. in another word, it could be a potential bank account breaker. still it is an exciting development which we will be looking forward to.

via Uncrate

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