Booze, wine and spirit lovers, rejoice. You need not own a cellar stacked with real oak barrels to achieve the dream extravagant taste from your off-the-supermarket beers, wines or whisky. Wait. What? You can do that? Well, actually it can be done – all thanks to The Oak Bottle, the first at home oak vessel that promised to turn cheap wine, bourbon, tequila, beer and other spirits of your choice into classy, vintage tasting beverage. It may sounds like some sorcery at work here, but it is really a matter of mathematical calculation that makes it work.

The Oak Bottle Home Use Barrel Aging Apparatus

According to its creator, using the surface area divided by volume, they have worked out the optimal interior volume that, mathematically, enables this beautifully crafted bottle to age your favorite alcoholic beverage 12 times faster over a typical oak barrel. With The Oak Bottle, you can throw the space-consuming barrels out of the window (not literally, of course) and skip the crazy long aging time. And to be honest, you will want that because time and tide wait for no man and you do not want to wait till retirement age to start savoring the oak-infused Chardonnay, right?

The Oak Bottle Home Use Barrel Aging Apparatus

This handcrafted American white oak bottle effectively takes what normally would be months or years and compress into a matter of hours or days which, if it delivers as promised, it could be the greatest alcoholic beverage-related invention in the longest time. You pick up The Oak Bottle, starting at $59.95 a pop over at Oak Bottle website.

The Oak Bottle Home Use Barrel Aging Apparatus

The Oak Bottle Home Use Barrel Aging Apparatus

Images courtesy of Oak Bottle LLC.

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