Roastie Toaster: a slice at a time ensure a perfect toast

Roastie Toaster Concept 544x508px
(credit: Mateusz Główka)

what you see above is not a teleportation device from the distant future and the bread is not heading in for a tanning session or maybe it is. dreamt up by design student Mateusz Główka from the Academy of Fine Arts in Crakow, Poland, the Roastie is the next thing a man wants besides a perfect wife.
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the heating elements are in the arms spread around the inner sphere which turn around much like a ferris wheel, while the transparent enclosure enables close monitoring for a perfect toast. the rotating heating elements will result in an evenly toasted bread and because you are monitoring it, it will never get burnt.

unlike traditional toaster with slots, Roastie does not have any. therefore, the enclosed space and the shield arms (aka heating elements) encourage heat accumulation within, saving the time to get a single bread toasted and thus, saving electricity. well, not really. the thing is, Roastie can only handle one bread at a time which can be quite a bummer.

Roastie Toaster Concept 544x468px

Roastie via Oh Gizmo!

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