Mark Two Pocket Pen by Studio Neat

I know what you are thinking. Retracting pen is not new, ain’t it. But the thing is, this pen, called Mark Two, by Texas-based Studio Neat is NOT a retractable pen. A clever engineering enables it to stay front pocket-friendly short when not in use and a full length pen when you need to write.

Mark Two Pocket Pen by Studio Neat

Studio Neat described it as a “minimal and durable pocket pen.” While we can’t attest to the latter, Mark Two is without doubt very minimal. It is void of superfluous details or logo aka not advertising for the brand, which is kind of nice.

As far as durability goes, the credit goes to the stainless steel body. The sleeve with pocket clip is also of stainless steel, but coated with Cerakote, an extremely durable ceramic polymer coating.

Mark Two Pocket Pen by Studio Neat

When closed, Mark Two Pocket Pen by Studio Neat stays short and fits right in your pocket. As a boon, when closed, it creates a satisfying magnetic click that may get you hook on closing it.

When posted, aka writing mode, it (magically) becomes a regular length writing instrument for easy handling and writing.

While the pen takes the mini version of Schmidt P8126 rollerball refill, it is also compatible with Fisher Space Pen pressurized ink cartridge.

Mark Two Pocket Pen by Studio Neat

Studio Neat has come a long way and the company is most certainly no stranger to Kickstarter, having posted no less than 10 campaigns, with 9 out of 10 of them successfully funded.

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Mark Two is also destined to be a successfully funded campaign too (P.S. it’s funded!). If you are keen, you can pick up a unit for a discount price of US$85, or US$105 for the polished black PVD body model.

Images: Studio Neat.