The New Glif: Tripod Mount For Smartphones Perfected

Obsessed with mobile photography? And why wouldn’t you, given the imaging prowess and the convenience of today’s smartphones has to offer. The days of cumbersome rig is almost over. Well almost because your smartphone isn’t exactly as ergonomic as an actual camera and it is obviously not tripod friendly, and you can’t get ‘professional’ with …

Glif Adjustable Tripod Mount and Stand

when Studio Neat first came up with the original Glif, it was considered the neatest idea to mount your iPhone on a standard tripod. but as awesome as it is, it has its limitations, such as, it can’t be used with any case. three years on and several updates in between, the Glif is reborn and it is now adjustable

The Neat Ice Kit by Studio Neat

at the verge of giving up on home-concocted cocktails because they taste nothing like what your favorite bar serves up? well, don’t, at least not until you have given The Neat Ice Kit by Studio Neat a shot. seriously, ice? yes. very seriously. believe it or not, ice can sometimes make or break your concoction, and this kit is the the kit that will let create the right ice you need for your cocktails

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