Frames – Stop Motion Videography for iPhone

Frames App by Studio Neat
(photos: Studio Neat) Studio Neat’s Frames app | US$2.99 |

in a world where fluid animation takes the center-stage, there is still a place for stop motion videography (think Fantastic Mr Fox or Wallace & Gromit). we don’t know how to begin to explain this strange phenomenal and the truth is, somewhere deep inside our hearts, we wanted to try our hands in making our very own stop motion video but less the tedious frame stitching process, plus we just want the convenience of doing it right on our iPhones. this is where Frames iPhone app can make our wish come true. developed by the dudes who brought to you The Glif and Cosmonaut stylus, Frames empowers your iPhone with the stop motion and time-lapse videoing capability in HD 720p with simple to use, intuitive interface. key features include capture and export in HD quality, manual and automatic shutter settings, exposure and focus lock, onion skin, grid, FPS adjustments, ability to insert frames to existing project, and it works for both the front and rear-facing cameras. the Frames works with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, the latest two generations of iPod Touch, running on iOS 5.0 or later, and it is available via Apple’s AppStore for just $2.99. still don’t know what the Frames is all about? check out a couple of self-explanatory videos after the break.

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