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whether you are a Bimmer owner or just dreaming of owning the iconic M sports car, this BMW M USB Key (aka USB flash drive) is the USB flash drive of choice for you. what makes this flash drive particularly attractive is that it has its 8GB USB flash drive enclosed within a M-style vehicle keyfob, complete with M signature carbon fiber design (front and back), BMW and M branding, and buttons that you will find on a real-deal M car’s keyfob. the USB connector stays hidden away and is revealed by pressing the trunk (or boot) release button. as for the rest of the buttons, they are there merely for show which is good enough for us. it comes packaged with a long lanyard and an extra USB extension cable. the latter is necessary if your USB ports area is a little too congested to fit this physically larger USB flash drive. surprisingly, the BMW M USB Key is priced rather affordably at just $38.74 a pop, which we suspect is way cheaper than the real replacement key. oh, in case you haven’t notice, this is an official BMW merchandise, so every bit of the keyfob will look convincing enough for you to dupe yourself into thinking that you actually drive one M machine. so go on and live your dream without actually having to break your bank.

BMW Shop via Everything USB

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