Japanese Student Created A USB Flash Drive With A Real Fish As Its PCB

No. Mankind has yet to find any way to artificially load data into the brain of a sentient being, dead or alive. Which is a relieve, actually. However, what you see here is the closest thing you will get to that man playing God, dystopia future. Created by a Japanese chemistry student and Twitter user […]

Here Are Five Steampunk USB Flash Drives You Simply Can’t Ignore

USB Flash Drive is dime a dozen, so there is really nothing much to talk about unless it packs, I don’t know, maybe like 2TB in it? That said, USB Flash Drive has come to point where, picking up one is no longer the question of speeds, or brands, it is a matter of aesthetic. […]

Holy Smoke! Kingston Just Unveiled A USB Flash Drive Packing 2TB!

Good news for folks who has one too many terabytes of data to move, Kingston has just unveiled the mother of all USB flash drives (at least for now) called DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT) that packs up to a whopping 2TB of storage space, thus snagging the title as the world’s highest capacity USB […]

Dime-sized Magnetic Memory Adds Up To 256GB Of Storage To Your iPhone

If there’s one gripe about iPhone, it would be storage and the only resolution for iPhone users’ storage woe would be iCloud, which means leaving your data at the hands of Apple and at the mercy of connectivity. Seriously, we can’t keep assuming that we will always have connectivity and similarly, we can’t assume our […]

Triband Plus is a Wrist-worn, Urban Road Warriors’ Survivor Gear

If the Bomber firestarter paracord bracelet and the likes are the survival gear for the outdoor adventure seekers, then we suppose the Triband Plus would be the equivalent for urban road warriors. Triband Plus packs five functions into a neat, wrist-worn package and though it looks like a fitness tracker, it has no wish to […]

This USB Flash Drive from SanDisk Does Not Need to be Plugged In

We don’t know what to make of the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. It is like a wireless hard drive, but it has a stick form factor and it has a USB connector which makes it a, well, USB flash drive. So I guess you can call it a hybrid of sort. Anyways, as the product […]

What We Have Missed: Day 160, Week 24 Year 2015

LG Brings Its Latest Ultra HD Monitor To The U.S., Priced at $599 LG is bringing its latest Ultra HD monitor, 27MU67, to the U.S. This 27-inch class monitor features AMD’s FreeSync technology, Black Stabilizer for brightening up dark scenes, Dynamic Action Sync that cuts input lag to 9.7 ms, and Flicker Safer function that […]

This Adapter Will Turn Any Regular USB Cable into a Reversible USB Cable

Until the widespread adoption of USB-C (aka USB Type C), figuring out which way to plug in your standard USB Type A connector will be a problem that we will have to live with, but not if Ryo Adapter can help it. Ryo Adapter is the latest to join the small pool of adapters that […]

Symlis Marries a USB Charging Cable to a USB Flash Drive, or Was It Vice Versa?

We are not sure if the Symlis Sparrow OTG Flash Drive and Charging Cable combo is the world’s first flash drive that charges and syncs your smartphone as its creator claims, but it is certainly something we have not seen before. Do correct us if we were wrong. Anyways, the product is what it says […]

VIUD is a Super Tough USB Drive That Will Probably Outlast You in Any Given Extreme Conditions

if you expect to find your USB flash drive to be in some seriously extreme conditions such as running over by a vehicle, subject to 3,600 Fahrenheit (about 2,000oC) of heat, burnt by blowtorch, or even taking a dive down to 1.2 miles (2 km) of water, just to name a few, then Dave Humphrey […]