Triband Plus Wearable Gadget Accessory

If the Bomber firestarter paracord bracelet and the likes are the survival gear for the outdoor adventure seekers, then we suppose the Triband Plus would be the equivalent for urban road warriors. Triband Plus packs five functions into a neat, wrist-worn package and though it looks like a fitness tracker, it has no wish to meddle in your health. Instead, it is touted as a wearable technology that wants to help improve the simple life problems of gadget users.

Triband Plus Wearable Gadget Accessory

And how does it intend to achieve that? Well, for starter, it packs a 800 mAh backup battery to keep your device juice-happy when you needed most and it is also designed to serve as a charging cable for your USB-powered gadget, as well as a USB flash drive for transferring files between your smartphone and other devices. Rounding up this concrete jungle survival package is a built-in flashlight for, you know, those unexpected blackouts, or anytime you need to light up so that you won’t find yourself walking into electrical or sign poles.

Obviously, the 800 mAh lithium polymer battery isn’t going to last you long, but it should be good enough for making a couple of calls or text messages when you really need it. The product is the result of the creator’s own experience, which means situations that most folks will likely to experience and hence, making it a practical product. We could probably called it the Swiss Army knife of the gadget world, but we won’t because too many people have referenced too many things with that iconic tool, but you know what you are getting into.

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The Triband Plus is not yet a really. It needs funding to get it off the ground and into the production, and it is trying to do that through Indiegogo. A pledge of $20-$40, depending on how soon you act on it (and the capacity of the USB storage), will secure you one for December 2015 delivery – if the campaign do meet its set funding goal of $10,000 in the next 36 days or so.

submitted via TIP US page.