Lomography Fisheye No.2, Diana Mini & Diana F+ Gold Edition

Lomography Gold Edition 900x600px
(photos: Lomography) Lomography Fisheye No. 2 Gold Edition (US$101.26) / Diana Mini + Flash Gold Edition (US$138.78) / Diana F+ Gold Edition (US$126.96) | www.lomography.com

let’s face it: funky and chic lo-fi cameras are not for everyone. there will be some folks who will appreciate these timeless image capturing devices in their good old golden glory. speaking of gold, that’s what Lomography did to its iconic cameras. the ever popular Diana F+, Diana Mini and the Fisheye No.2 has been given the midas touch, each being decorated in gold and white tones, and each comes with a purposeful gold metal chain letting you hang your golden procession like a huge gold pendant. quite a change for a time where everyone is rushing to crystallize their gadgets, and extremely befitting for such a timeless classic. well… they are not the classic classic but you get the idea. prices for these gold-blinged cameras start from $101.26 for the Fisheye No. 2, $126.96 for Diana F+ and the Diana Mini will set you back at $138.78. surprisingly affordable, you think? that’s because they are still the same old plastic cameras that we love but splashed with gold tone. thought i should clear the air about this point. you know, just in case. a few more images are available after the break.
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