Dockem: a shelf for your smartphones and tablets

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the problem with gadget accessories today is that it is only as good as the lifespan of your gadget. which means, whenever you change gadget, the associated accessories are rendered useless but that need not to be case if you have Dockem. described as an universal phone and tablet wall mount, it can be configured to hold virtually any phone, tablet or even eBook reader that you have. think of it as a miniature shelf for your lovely gadgets, it sticks to the wall with the help of 3M’s command strips which are strong and yet no hassle removable.
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the Dockem consist of a pair of brackets that can be attached to the wall separately, thus allowing them to be placed at a varying distance apart, conforming to your device size. this also means it could be set for either landscape or portrait as you desires. though it may not sound as sophisticated but it is totally reusable when you changed devices. for example, when you moved on from an Android tablet to an iOS tablet, you are still able to use the same set of Dockem. all you need to do is to unmount them, put on a pair of fresh command strips and set them to the new device size. seriously, being a frequent gadget ‘changer’, i’d welcome this kind of innovation.

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we are fortunate enough to get our hands a set of the Dockem and will proceed with a review soon. so do check back to this blog for our take on this accessory. the Dockem is available for purchase from $19 a set via Dockem web store. check a short product intro video after the break.

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