Pioneer $100 Lightning Speaker Will Made Conference Speaker Obsolete

Gone are the days where you need clunky equipment to set up a proper conference room that could potentially that cost tens of thousands of dollars. With the advancement in projection technology, a palm-size projector like The Cube or UO Smart Beam Laser Projector, along with a smartphone, could be the answer to your need […]

OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

we must have seen tons of stands for iOS and Android devices, and dozens of them dealing in natural amplification, but hardly any that can actually claim as one-size fits all and by all, we do mean nearly all devices – ranging from smartphones to tablets. this is where the OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

CableJive dockBoss air

the switch from the 30-pin to the Lightning connector has practically rendered many pre-iPhone 5 sound dock useless but that doesn’t mean they are as good as dead. in fact, with dockBoss air from CableJive your sound docks are far from dead and this nifty 1-inch square accessory will even make your sound dock more ‘sociable’. costing $34.95 a pop, the dockBoss…

GameDock for iDevices

when games start appearing on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, it was a welcome addition that would eliminates our boredom while we are on the road. as it evolves, our favorite arcade games became available on iOS devices which we dived into it eagerly but as time goes by, we realized we wanted something more. we became frustrated…

MultiDock charges and syncs up to 10 iPad simultaneously

if you are running a firm that relies on several iPads for your operation, then this is the docking station that you will need. aptly dubbed as MultiDock, this docking station charges, syncs…