EPSON Megaplex MG-850HD Projector: it’s an iDock too!

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(photos: EPSON) EPSON Megaplex MG-850HD Projector | US$800.00 |

remember those times where two or more people have to squeeze head-to-head to view from your tiny iDevice screen? you must be thinking ‘how nice it would be if the TV has a pop-out dock for you to transfer that viewing onto a big screen’. well, the truth is, that kind of TV doesn’t exist – at least for now but luckily, you have the EPSON Megaplex MG-850HD Projector, an LCD projector with a pop-out dock for your iDevices. all you have to do is to dock your iDevice to this gadget and it is capable of churning out the audio and video content in your iDevice through its 10-watt speakers and a 2,800-lumen lamp at 720p resolution.
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along with the dock, there are some pretty decent input/output connectors that include component cables, HDMI, USB, headphone audio jack, microphone jack and even the trusty VGA connector. it all sounds nice, until we tell you the rather hefty price tag of $800. yes, you could have connected your iDevice to your TV with a 39 bucks 30-pin to component or composite cable. then again, you won’t have the flexibility of doing it anywhere, as these baby here is totally a bring-it-with-you-anywhere projector (yes, it has a carrying handle). so whether is it worth the money, i shall leave it to you to decide. in meantime, hit past the jump for a small gallery of the EPSON Megaplex MG-850HD Projector.

EPSON via Gadget Lab

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