Lomography Fisheye, Diana Mini & F+ splashed with colors

Lomography Fisheye No.2, Diana F+ and Diana Mini Color Edition 900x600px
(photos: Lomography) Lomography Fisheye No. 2 Color Edition (US$89.54) / Diana Mini + Flash Color Edition (US$126.75) / Diana F+ Color Edition (US$101.09) | www.lomography.com

maybe gadgets are not destined to be in black or silver anymore. we have seen how high-end electronics goods company like B&O splashed their popular products with colors and now, its Lomography’s turn to splash some colors on their analog lo-fi cameras too. among those given a splash of color are cameras familiar to lo-fi photography buffs: Fisheye No.2, Diana Mini and Diana F+. some purists may prefer what the originals have presented to them but for those young at heart and for those who seeks to stand out from the crowd, these analog cameras are for you. there is even option to purchase matching color accessories like camera cases and hand straps.
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the Fisheye No.2 is available in two hues: Lime Punch (aka lime green) and Vibrant Orange (well, it’s orange, alright), while the ever popular Diana Mini is given a splash of Fern Green (read: green) and Twilight Blue (blue, blue and blue). last but not least, the Diana F+ has a choice of Buttercup Yellow (aka yellow) or True Blue (it’s blue). fancy color names aside, the colors appear to give these camera a new fresh of life too. oh, for the Dianas, they all come packaged with a handy flash, in colorful hue too. prices for these colored edition starts from $89.54 for Fisheye No.2, $101.09 for Diana F+ and the Diana Mini costs $126.75.

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