Grace Digital SiriusXM Sound Station Streaming Radio

Thanks to Grace Digital SiriusXM Sound Station Streaming Radio, your love for SiriusXM don’t have end with your daily drive to and from work. As the product name implies, this super sleek and somewhat futuristic looking desktop radio brings SiriusXM you are familiar with to your home and office. Featuring a large color display for album art and channel info, Grace Digital SiriusXM Sound Station lets you enjoy your favorite streaming channels in powerful, full-range sound which Grace Digital claims to be “room-filling.” Being a SiriusXM, it lets you in to a host of SiriusXM on-demand shows while offering you the power to pause, rewind and replay live program.

Grace Digital SiriusXM Sound Station Streaming Radio

Personalization is also the name of the game, with the Grace Digital SiriusXM Sound Station, allowing you to personalize your favorite music channels with MySXM, letting you roll back up five hours to hear shows from the beginning with its innovative “Start Now” feature, saving up to ten of your favorite channels for quick access, and tweaking the sound output through an adjustable equalizer. Apart from those, it is also a faithful digital radio with an integrated clock, along with multiple alarms, as well as sleep and snooze timers. Last but not least, it can be setup anywhere as long as there’s WiFi coverage. There’s Ethernet connectivity too but it will require an optional adapter.

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Grace Digital Audio’s new SiriusXM Sound Station Streaming Radio is available, as we speak, priced at $129.99 a pop.

Images courtesy of Grace Digital Audio.