One Less Thing To Own: popIn Aladdin Ceiling Light Projector. Like, Need We Say More?

Projector is a brilliant way to declutter your tiny living room, or add a TV to your even tinier bedroom. But is it possible to declutter even more? Well, yes you can… by having a ceiling light that is also a projector.

This Retro Bluetooth Speaker Lets You Radio Channel Surf With A Knob

It will be a shame that a retro-style interior decor had to be marred by modern gadgets like Bluetooth speakers. It is true that some Bluetooth speakers score in the aesthetic department, but often they are modern or futuristic looking which is not exactly a good fit with your humble abode’s nostalgic styling. Of course, […]

Grace Digital Hits Up Kickstarter To Sell Chromecast-enabled Radio

Can’t get enough of music? Then Chromecast is the technology you should look out for, but what’s the fun in Chromecast alone, right? Like most of people of today, you probably want as many options at your disposal and that means bagging an audio gadget like the Grace Digital Mondo+ Internet Radio. Why? Because it […]

Grace Digital SiriusXM Sound Station Brings SiriusXM To Your Desktop

Thanks to Grace Digital SiriusXM Sound Station Streaming Radio, your love for SiriusXM don’t have end with your daily drive to and from work. As the product name implies, this super sleek and somewhat futuristic looking desktop radio brings SiriusXM you are familiar with to your home and office. Featuring a large color display for […]

Tivoli Adds Light To PAL BT Portable Radio, Turns It Into One That Lights Up

Tivoli decided to mix light and sound together, turning its portable radio, the PALBT into one that lights up. Tivoli calls it the PALBT Glo. The PALBT Glo is identical to the PALBT in form, but it has a clear frosted enclosure with LED within to enable it to light up. And as you might […]

You Can Snooze the Retro Alarm Clock Radio’s Alarm by Waving Over it

We are way into 2015 and as far as being futuristic is concerned, we are far from it, but there is at least one item you could own that would help inch closer to a high-tech, futuristic living and that’s the Retro Alarm Clock Radio by Electrohome. While digital display clad in a retro design […]

You Can Turn Analog Albums into Digital Files with this Victoria-style Speaker System

Still holding on to some good’ol medias like cassette tapes, CDs (yes, they are old too) and vinyl records? If you don’t already have a player for each of those type of medias and harbor the wish of feeling the warm offer by those older medias again, then Grace Digital Tunewriter III 7-in-1 Stereo Entertainment […]

JBL Horizon Clock Radio Lets You Wake Up to the Music on Your Smartphone

If you love to wake up to the sound of music, then we think the JBL Horizon Clock Radio might be of an interest to you. In addition to waking up to the ever annoying traditional buzzer (which nobody likes, btw) or JBL original digital alarm tones, you can choose to wake up to the […]

Public Radio Goes Back to Basic with This Minimalistic One-Station Radio

sometimes we feel bad. feel bad about telling you folks about radios that have access to 50,000 radio stations when in actual fact, most people have just one favorite station, possibly because that’s all the time most people have. hard truth. and that’s the basis of the existence of Public Radio, a single station FM […]

Grace Introduces Primo WiFi Music Player With Access To Over 50,000 Internet Radio Stations

with over 6,000 commercial radio stations in the U.S. alone, we didn’t think anyone would be lacking of options when it comes to enjoying music from this traditional source, but if you have the penchant for stations outside of the U.S., or simply want even more options, then Internet Radio is the way to go […]