popIn Aladdin Ceiling Light Projector

Projector is a brilliant way to declutter your tiny living room, or add a TV to your even tinier bedroom. But is it possible to declutter even more? Well, yes you can… by having a ceiling light that is also a projector.

popIn Aladdin Ceiling Light Projector

The popIn Aladdin is exactly that. It is the world’s first, alright. If visual treat isn’t enough, the latest news from popIn is, it has tied up with Radiko, a radio app that lets you tune in to radio stations broadcasting in your area.

Listening to radio is as simple as firing up the radio app on popIn Aladdin home screen. No registration required. That’s even more decluttering right there since now you can chuck your radio too.

popIn Aladdin Ceiling Light Projector

popIn Aladdin Ceiling Light Projector comes as a no brainer. I mean, you need at least a lighting in the room and you also need an entertainment device like a TV, so why not combining both? Pretty ingenious, if you ask me.

What’s more. During your self-isolation you can project beautiful scenery to fake the feeling of traveling out, like perhaps, admiring the cherry blossom and whatnot.

You can also choose to cycle through your own photos (and a sad reminder of what life used to be before the pandemic) and do things like catch up news, weather, and enjoy Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and more.

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The projector is powered by Android OS and features a maximum resolution of 720p, Bluetooth connectivity, 16 GB onboard storage, and can project screen size of anywhere between 40 to 120 inches.

No mention on the brightness of the light, but it is said that has six levels of brights and six lighting temperatures. And oh, the device totally supports voice control too.

popIn Aladdin Ceiling Light Projector is sold in Japan for 78,800 yen. Folks outside of Japan can pick it up from Rakuten Global Market for $648.09.

Images: popIn Aladdin.