Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector: Compact, Near, And Big (Image)

Philips Screeneo line of short-throw projectors has a new ultra-short-throw projector: Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector. The Screeneo U4 is unlike any ultra-short-throw projector or any projector for that matter, we have seen thus far.

BenQ X3000i 4K HDR Gaming Projector: Gaming In 4K60 Or 240 Hz Refresh Rate?

Projector for home has come a long way. Once it had washed out picture quality despised by even non-cinephiles (OK. Maybe it was just me) but now, 4K, high-contrast picture quality at a high refresh rate is somewhat a norm. In recent years, home projection technology has gone even further to compete for a slice …

XGIMI Aura 4K Ultra Short-throw Laser Projector: Android TV, 150-inch Image Size, Harmon-Kardon Sound

For the price of a large flat-screen TV, you can own an entertainment device that will not kill your interior decoration. This “non-TV” TV that we are talking about is a 4K ultra-short-throw laser projector which is what the XGIMI Aura is about.

JIRENO CUBE4: “World’s Brightest Sealed Portable Projector”

For people who move around often, it may make sense to own a projector instead of a TV. That said, if you are one of these roving people or just happen to be in the market for a projector, Shenzhen-based startup JIRENO has one to offer, and it’s called CUBE4.

Amazon Glow Is A High-tech Projection Device With Sensing Technology That Will Make Kids’ Learning Fun

Computers, tablets, and smartphones are devices the young use to learn new knowledge. But having more screen time isn’t the best of ideas. This is where Amazon Glow comes in.

JMGO U2 Series 4K Tri-Color Laser TV Projector Boasts An Epic 114% BT. 2020 Color Gamut

Laser TV is not just a fancy name for an ultra-short-throw projector that requires a special screen. It is the epitome of projection technology and the savior to all haters of a black piece of panel.

JMGO O1 Series: Ultra-short Throw Projectors That Are Under US$900

TV is one decor-ruining electronic device that we have learned to live with. However, if you prefer not to conform, then perhaps an ultra-short throw projector could be the alternative. Speaking of ultra-short throw projector, JMGO has a couple to offer.