JMGO N1 Series Projectors Announced for the US Market

A projector is a great way for a minimal home. This is especially true for users who find a black slab of glass in the living is an eyesore. The JMGO N1 Series of projectors not only offers that minimalism in audio/visual entertainment but also promised to deliver “cinema-grade” visuals while being portable, allowing this visual fest to be taken everywhere you go.

JMGO N1 Series Projectors - N1 Pro

The Chinese smart projector specialist has recently announced the launch of the N1 series on Amazon US and its global website. The JMGO N1 Series projectors comprise the N1 Ultra, N1 Pro, and N1, and feature JMGO’s state-of-the-art triple-color laser engine and integrated gimbal design.

The entry-level N1 is an 800 CVIA Lumens 1080p projector that is designed to be carried single-handedly. The N1 Pro is a mid-ranger that promised enhance picture quality with a higher brightness of 1,5000 CVIA Lumens and native 1080p resolution. Meanwhile, leading the pack is the flagship model the N1 Ultra which boasts a 4K image at 2,200 CVIA Lumens.

JMGO N1 Series Projectors - N1 Ultra

Whichever model you choose, it’d benefit from the Microstructure Adaptive Laser Control (MALC) Triple Color Laser Optics developed and perfected by JMGO. So, yeah, these are no regular old projectors; they are laser projectors. Here’s more about the hyped JMGO Triple Color Laser technology:

“The N1 Series harnesses triple color laser, the finest laser solution that directly emits three distinct lasers—red, green, and blue—to produce a broad color gamut at 110% BT.2020 with utmost accuracy (Delta E<1), eliminating the need for a phosphor wheel or filters… JMGO’s proprietary optical technology further enhances the experience offered by triple color laser technology. In close collaboration with Nichia, JMGO has developed the Modularized Laser Stacking Technology, providing 10 to 15% higher optical efficiency, reducing the size by 40%, and lowering production costs by 30%.”

The projectors also feature Dynamic Light Speckle Reducer Technology that reduces the artifacts known to plague RGB projectors – the laser speckles – by over 96%. Finally, there’s the Quad Layered Diffuser System that uses a diffuser lens with 400 miniature partitions to achieve a brightness uniformity of over 95%.

JMGO N1 Series Projectors - N1

Another stand-out feature of the N1 series is the integrated gimbal-like stand that allows the projector to pan and tilt horizontally and vertically to ensure a sharp and focused image. This makes this projector a point-and-display projector. However, horizontal adjustment is not available on the N1 model.

Also available across all models is the Dynaudio HiFi Audio Experience with the N1 armed with 2x 5W Dolby Digital Speaker and DTS support, and the N1 Pro and N1 Ultra outfitted with 2x 10W Dolby Digital Speaker and DTS support. As far as entertainment, it has an abundance – thanks to Android TV 11.0.

The JMGO N1 Ultra, N1 Pro, and N1 are available to buy on Amazon US and the JMGO website for US$2,299, US$1,699, and US$999, respectively.

The N1 series will be launched in Amazon France and Germany in July.

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Images: JMGO.