XGIMI HORIZON Max Long Throw Smart Projector

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the time for the projector to shine has come. No, I am not talking about how many lumens the projectors packed. I am referring to the design. Projectors have indeed changed a lot aesthetically in recent years but never like this.

XGIMI HORIZON Max Long Throw Smart Projector

Earlier this month, LG changed our perception of the aesthetic of a projector with LG CineBeam Qube, and last week, it was XGIMI’s turn to show us projectors can have a design to die for.

Introducing the XGIMI HORIZON Max, a premium projector that has an aesthetic that appears to have taken inspiration from an old radio. Well, except that this “radio” is on a stand which allows it to be swiveled to achieve different projection angles.

Projector maker XGIMI has taken to CES 2024 to unveil the XGIMI HORIZON Max, the first Long Throw smart projector with IMAX Enhanced certification, as well as Aladdin, a 3-in-1 smart projector lamp and speaker. Clearly, the former is the star of the show because, you know, IMAX.

XGIMI HORIZON Max Long Throw Smart Projector

The HORIZON Max boasts impressive features like ISA 5.0 for automated positioning and Dual Light 2.0 for enhanced picture quality.

Meanwhile, Aladdin merges a projector, lamp, and speaker for a unique home entertainment experience. Wait. Why does this sound awfully familiar? We are not sure if it is related to the popIn Aladdin ceiling lamp projector. I mean, it has the same name “Aladdin”.

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XGIMI’s lineup reflects a blend of advanced technology and strategic partnerships, pushing the boundaries of home cinema.

Anyhoo, if you are at CES 2024, you can drop by XGIMI’s booth (22515) at Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center from January 09-12, 2024, to check out the XGIMI HORIZON Max Long Throw Smart Projector and the Aladdin as well as other XGIMI products in person.

Images: XGIMI.