Jarre AeroDream One – taking sound dock to a greater height

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(image: Jarre) Jarre AeroDream One | €399,000.00 | www.jarre.com

still undecided about what’s your next sound dock for your iOS devices going to be? how about one that stands out from the rest, literally? meet Jarre AeroDream One, the world’s tallest sound dock for your iOS devices. so how tall is it that you say? well, it’s a good 3.4-meters (11-feet) tall and you will need to scale the accompanying ladder to reach the dock and that’s how tall it is. apart from making its mark on its physical height, this futuristic piece of audio equipment packs an incredible 10,000 watts of power with 5-channels amplifiers that had the low, mid and high range covered.
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created by French composer, performer and music producer Jean Michel Jarre, this juggernaut of sound dock features an 18-inch subwoofer, a pair of 12-inch coaxial mid range drivers and two 3-inch hi-range drivers, and it does more than docking your iOS devices – thanks to its 6.35-mm jack and USB port that supports external storage with file formats like MP3, WMA, AIFF and WAVE. ready to own one? then be prepared to shell out an exotic sum of €399,000 (about US$572,800) and wait six months for it. wow. i am totally speechless. a few more look of this giant sound dock after the break.

Jarre Technologies via LuxuryLaunches

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