MOZI Smart Laptop by LCFC (Hefei) Electronics

Lenovo’s PC R&D and manufacturing base LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. [CH] has designed a laptop that left us stumped. We are not sure if it is a laptop first or a projector because, this laptop, dubbed MOZI Notebook, has a built-in projector instead of a screen and it has a keyboard that retracts into the laptop.

MOZI Smart Laptop by LCFC (Hefei) Electronics

There is no information regarding this laptop, except for the fragments available on the website, where it is listed as a reddot winner 2022. According to the product description, it has a fully extendable keyboard and a “separate screen onto which the content is projected.” It can also project on any “suitable surface”, such as a wall, for example.

The device is somewhat thick for a “laptop” but ridiculously thin for a projector. Part of the thickness is to accommodate the keyboard storage. When stowed away, the keyboard is kept in place by magnets.

There is no more info beyond those we have highlighted. It is not clear if this is a regular projector or an ultra-short-throw projector or if it is even real. Because of the lack of details, we are obliged to think it is nothing more than a concept.

PC makers have been trying to break new ground in the laptop designs. We have seen a laptop with a folding screen, a laptop that has a removable screen (basically a tablet with a keyboard), and laptops with a secondary display, but this one has to be the most radical.

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I can’t say it will not have a place in the market. In fact, I think it may. It could be an ideal device for those who have been wanting to pick up a projector as a secondary entertainment device and who also need a personal computer. Who knows, it may have a market.

Images: LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd [CH] via reddot.

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