This is Cradeloc, a man purse designed for the brutal armpit of men. It is a collaborative clutch/shoulder bag by Kuraray’s material lab Roundout and Werks, made using Roundout artificial leather, Clarino.

Roundout x Werks Cradeloc Man Purse

It is an entirely new genre of bag for men that, much to my amusement, designed to fit perfectly at a person’s axilla, aka armpit. Women will be like ‘duh, dude, that’s what we have been doing since like forever!’

There are a lot of interesting details about the Roundout x Werks Cradeloc Man Purse. It has a “hold mode” where it will stay in place during active movements like, say, running (after a bus, probably), a “hand mode” for just carrying and there’s also a “hand mode” which is basically the normal way of carrying any bag.

Roundout x Werks Cradeloc Man Purse

There are two other modes. “Shoulder mode” is essentially a sling bag and a “3-point lock mode” In which you wear the bag in a 3-point harness of sort on your body. Those are in addition to shoveling under the armpit, of course.

Interestingly, the bag can be open 180-degree and secure to the front passenger seat of a car for easy access to its contents when in the car.

Roundout x Werks Cradeloc Man Purse

Other features include snap closure, water repelling exterior and a compartmentalized interior with two main compartments plus four zip pockets for smaller items.

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As interesting as the Roundout x Werks Cradeloc Man Purse may be, you won’t be able to buy it unless you reside in Japan. It is currently being crowdfunded on Japanese crowdfunding site Kibidango where residents in Japan can pre-order the bag at a crowdfunding special price of 17,200 yen (about US$160).

Images: Kuraya/Kibidango.

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