Schick In Japan Partnered With Evangelion For Special Edition EVA Razors

American shaver maker Schick in Japan has officially boarded the Evangelion hype train (again). Commemorating the new Evangelion movie (which has since been postponed) is the Schick Hydro 5 EVA Model line of razors.

Cradeloc Is A New Genre Of Man Purse Designed To Shove Under Your Armpit

This is Cradeloc, a man purse designed for the brutal armpit of men. It is a collaborative clutch/shoulder bag by Kuraray’s material lab Roundout and Werks, made using Roundout artificial leather, Clarino.

Remington Cordless Vacuum Hair Clipper: Clipping Your Hair Without Making Mess

If you don’t want to emerge from self-isolation looking like Chuck Noland who had stranded on a tropical island for four years, you may want to keep your hair in check with the Remington Cordless Vacuum Hair Clipper.

Manmower Is A New Kind Of Shaver That Is Like A Lawnmower For The Facial Hair

There are men who prefer not to have facial hair. There are men who prefer to have facial hair and then there are men who like to keep the George Clooney stubble look. For the latter, a British company has the perfect solution. Called Manmower, this unique personal grooming device shares similar principles with a […]

Razor In Mini Axe Form Makes Shaving Even More Manlier

What could possibly be more manlier than a dude removing facial hairs? Nothing. However, if you feel like it, the act of shaving facial could be made manlier (yes, as it turns, it could!) if you do it with an axe. An axe-shaped shaver, that is. This is exactly what the Straight Razor Warrior Axe […]

Xiaomi Brings USB-C Charging To Men’s Portable Electric Shaver For Just $27

Xiaomi may have built its name in copying products of some of the more established brands, but there’s no denying the company is trying its best to innovate. One of such example of the company’s innovation would be this shaver under the company’s sub-brand, Mijia. If I am not wrong, this is the first electric […]

Cardboard Ties Are A Surefire Way To Stand Out From The Sea Of Gentlemen

We hardly write about neckties and/or bow ties, but we have to give Cardboard Carl Cardboard Ties and Bow Ties a shout out because, cardboard. We are not particularly huge fans of cardboard, but ties and bow made out cardboard and still look pretty darn awesome sure deserve our attention and love. Available in necktie […]

World’s First Beard Accessory Aims To Jazz Up Your Manly Chin Curtain

For hundreds of years, men have been keeping beard, but only in recent years there have been actual products that take care of the men’s prized facial hair. While that seem to be enough, the love is still not complete, not unless you jazz it up with jewelry. Yes. You heard me. Jewelry for beard […]